CREAMY honey is a natural honey resulting from a thorough cold mixing for several days, alternating periods of movement with stopping intervals. This new process is called "guided crystallization".
With the mixing, strictly cold, we go to homogenize and break the natural crystals that are formed during the crystallization process. The procedure consists in forcing this crystallization, simply by mixing the honey, slightly reducing the temperature of the laboratory, thus speeding up the crystallization of our honey, thus making it CREAMY.
At the end of processing, a sublime spreadable honey cream is obtained, but of course, with all the original characteristics and organoleptic properties and with the taste that will reflect the honey that has been used.
At the end you get a CREAMY honey, of any botanical origin, to spread on a slice of bread or simply to be enjoyed with a spoon. On the palate it is very refined like a velvety cream that caresses our lips.